16 Simple Ways to Make New Friends When You Move

1. Connect with Friends of Friends

Talk to your current friends and see if they have any friends in the local area where you are moving! A lot of people understand what it is like to be in a new city and have no connections. You don’t have to start completely from scratch and your friends are there to help you.

2. Start up Conversations with Strangers

New friendships and connections have to start somewhere. Get in the habit of talking to more people. Often when we find ourselves in new places where we know no one, we close off. Fight that urge and start talking with people you wouldn’t normally. I wrote an article a while ago on starting up conversations with strangers.

3. Stop Wearing Your Earbuds Everywhere

Really, try it! Go out of the house without any earbuds and stop looking at your phone. You will be surprised how naturally you begin to connect with people and also start to experience more of the new and fascinating city you just moved to.

4. Establish a Regular Haunt that You Love

When the world around you in unfamiliar, create familiarity! When you come across a coffee shop or a bar you really like, take the time to, at least once a week, to come back and visit. You’ll start to get to know the staff as well as the regulars.

5. Ask People to Hang Out

So you had a great conversation. That’s amazing! Now it is time to put yourself out there and build the connection. You are the new person in the city, so you have to be the one that has more initiative! Get their contact info and see if they want to hang out sometime!

6. Go to Social Events and be Social

Use social media to your advantage. Find the social events around town, something that interests you and go solo! Once you are there, start up conversations and enjoy the new experience!

Meeting New People in a New City Can be Simple

7. Do the Things you Love

“Birds of a feather flock together.” Truer words have never been said. Plus you will enjoy yourself because you are doing what you love.

8. Be Interesting and Develop Yourself

Want more people to reach out to you? Then you have to be more interesting. Moving to a new city is a perfect time to continue to grow the better parts of yourself and redefine what you stand for and who you want to be!

9. Ask for help (tell people you are new to the city)

You would be surprised how many people want to help out new people in a city. Be authentic and straightforward by telling them you want to meet new people. Who knows? They might become your new best friend.

10. Explore more and Get to Know the Area more

So you don’t know anyone yet. Don’t let that stop you and start exploring the city! You’ll meet new people simply by putting yourself out there as well as get to know the city that you are living in more. Then when you do start to build up a friend group, you know some cool places to recommend.

11. Make a List of What you Want to Do and Do It

Make a list of things you want to do in the city and start checking off the boxes. This will give you some obtainable goals as well as open you up to new opportunities.

12. Smile More and Give People Compliments

Realize that everyone wants to appear cool in some fashion or another. You know what is cool? Smiling and giving out compliments. I’ve found that giving without expectations makes you a very magnetic person while building up your own self worth.

13. Practice Gratitude

Every morning be grateful for the things that are going well and your life and verbalize them. You will find yourself in a more gracious mood and, by that nature, attract more people to you.

14. Create Opportunity

So the thing you love doesn’t exist in your current city? Then build it! This will get your mind rolling and give you something to throw all your lonely energy towards while building up a social network of like-minded individuals.

15. Let Things be What They Are

You cannot nor should try to control people. You can always invite, but you cannot force what is not there. Provide the opportunity for connections to grow, but do not wait around or put pressure on these new found friends.

16. Be Patient

This is difficult, I know, but you have to be patient. When you move to a new city it might take several months to build a group of acquaintances and even more time to build friendships. I would argue that is the beautiful part though. Learning more about new people, building strong bonds, and sharing memories takes time. And oh is that time so beautiful.

Austin Hunt

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