Cultivating Inspiration Beyond Our Youth

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”

Kobe Bryant

When we are kids, inspiration comes as easy as our immigration. If we can think it, we can become it. We see someone go to space, and we want to go to space. We are going to be an astronaut. We see someone dance in Riverdance, and we think, you know, one day I could do that. Cue little Austin jumping on the living room table and dancing his little feet off. We see greatness and we strive to become that which is great in us.

But, sadly, somewhere along the road it is easy to lose our ability to be inspired. It’s just another movie. It’s just another person going to space. It’s just…it’s just another day.

And, what I want to say to that type of thinking is this: Fuck that! You are more than that! You are great!

As we get older, being inspired is a dedication.

As life throws its punches, we start to understand that life is not always easy. Sometimes life is very hard. And, with each season of strife, being inspired becomes more and more of a dedication.

What I’m saying is, it is a choice whether or not you want to be inspired. You have to go and seek it out. I believe that being inspired by those around us is one of the greatest tools in our bucket for keeping us aligned with the path we truly want to be on in life.

Whatever it is that you see that brings out that little kid in you, find it, absorb it, and welcome it into your life.

The Death of Imagination leads to the Death of Inspiration which leads to Walking in Death.

As we give up more of our imagination, we slowly give up more of our ability to be inspired. You know that phrase, “Oh, he has such an overactive immigration.”? Please, be careful of who you say that to and why. What that statement is subtextually saying is, “Please stop imagining more than me. I am getting uncomfortable in my little box with how I choose to live my life.”

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.


A limitless mind will lead to limitless potential. It all starts, at first, within our thoughts. Imagination is an amazing tool we can use to change vast amounts of our existence and those around us as well.

If you have little to no imagination left. If you rarely feel inspired. How can you feel alive?

Listen to what scares you, and there you will find what inspires you.

I’ve noticed, repeatably, the things that scare me the most in life are the things I truly want to do. I want to start a routine for West Coast Swing. FUCKKKKK that scares the shit out of me. Maybe I won’t do it… So I should do it! I should watch more routines. I should put together a routine. I should level up my dancing. I should allow myself to be inspired.

Or, I don’t want to share my thoughts in writing. Someone might think I am wrong or stupid. They will be able to put me down. They will say all these negative things….So I should write! I should share my material, over, and over, and over! I should read books. And I do, and each book inspires me to write more.

I could be wrong, I am often wrong, but, in regards to this, I believe there is truth. So, if you find yourself stuck in a rut. Or, maybe you are having an off day. It happens. Sometimes we lose our way along the road.

Inspiration is only a moment away from reactivating your imagination and completely changing your life for the better.

Austin Hunt

Meet the Author:
Austin Hunt

Austin is the lead writer and creator of Points of Connection. He's been studying dating, relationships, and how to build authentic intimacy for over 9 years now. You can find him sipping away at a cup of coffee at a local shop making friends with the stranger next to him.